How Rich is Austin Kevitch?

Austin Kevitch

Austin Kevitch is the CEO and co-founder of the private membership-based dating app Lox Club. He is also known for being romantically linked with Havana singer Camilla Cabello.

He started his career as a product designer and later on became a computer engineer. He has also co-founded an app called Brighten which enables teens to send compliments anonymously.

How Much is Austin Kevitch Worth?

Austin Kevitch, the co-founder and CEO of Lox Club, a private membership-based dating app for Jews (and non-Jews) with ridiculously high standards, has earned an impressive amount of net worth. He has also gained a significant following on his Instagram account.

The professional computer engineer has worked in several industries. He started his career as a product designer at Scholly, and later co-founded and served as the CEO of Brighten company from September 2013 until March 2020.

In addition, he has a background in fashion. He has a deep appreciation for luxury goods and experiences, which is evident in his lavish lifestyle.

He was born in Philadelphia on July 5, 1991. He is a graduate of Germantown Academy and Bucknell University, where he studied business management, computer engineering, and psychology. He is the son of Andrew and Lisa Kevitch. He has two siblings, Tristan and Lindsey. He is currently in a relationship with Camila Cabello, who recently ended her relationship with Shawn Mendes.

Net Worth of Austin Kevitch

Inventor Austin Kevitch is an American businessman who co-founded the dating app Lox Club. This app caters to Jews and non-Jews with high standards, requiring applicants to undergo a rigorous screening process. The app also limits the number of swipes a user can make in a single eight-hour period, in an attempt to facilitate meaningful connections.

The businessman is reportedly worth a multi-million dollar sum. He earned this amount mainly from his work as a product designer and certified computer engineer. Kevitch has also launched his own clothing line and earns from it too.

Kevitch is 31 years old and was born in Pennsylvania, USA. He has a brother named Tristan and a sister named Lindsey. He studied business management, computer engineering, and psychology at Bucknell University and the University of Cape Town. He currently resides in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania with his family. He recently rose to fame when it was confirmed that he is dating singer Camila Cabello.

Lox Club?s CEO?s Net Worth

In addition to a long list of professional accomplishments, Kevitch also has an impressive social life. He is the founder of Lox Club, an exclusive dating app for those with high standards. Unlike other apps, applicants must apply for Lox Club and be approved before they can join.

Founded in March 2020, during peak COVID-19 times, the app has become famous for helping people transcend their common breakups. It is also popular for its playful approach to dating, with activities like escape rooms and speakeasies being encouraged.

The founder of the dating app has a multi-million dollar net worth and is an accomplished entrepreneur. He is a certified computer engineer, product designer and has started his own clothing line. He has also acted in movies and has been on several media platforms. He recently made headlines when he was spotted with Cuban-American singer Camila Cabello. The pair have been romantically linked since June 2022. This comes after Cabello ended her two-year relationship with Shawn Mendes.

Austin Kevitch?s Personal Wealth

Kevitch is an entrepreneur and the co-founder and CEO of a dating app called Lox Club. The dating app is designed for Jews and non-Jews who have “ridiculously high standards.” He is also a certified computer engineer. He currently resides in Los Angeles, California.

He has a net worth of $5 million. Kevitch was born on July 5, 1991, in Philadelphia. He played football at Bucknell University and has a brother named Tristan and sister Lindsay.

After a bad breakup, Kevitch decided to try dating apps. But he found them to be super shallow and cringe-y, so he created his own.

In March 2020, he launched Lox Club, a membership-based dating app that caters to Jews and non-Jews who have ridiculously high standards. It’s similar to Raya, but it has a more playful vibe. The app limits how many swipes users can make in an eight-hour period, which helps encourage real connections. The app has attracted celebrity investors, including rappers Bhad Bhabie and Lil Yachty.

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