Playing The Hong Kong National Anthem Is Legal In Hong Kong

Hong Kong National Anthem

Chief Executive John Lee said today that the Government would write to Google once again to pursue the issue of having accurate information pertaining to the national anthem shown at the top of Google’s search engine results page.

Such a request had already been made in writing by the Government to Google, but it was denied.

Before today’s Executive Council meeting, Mr. Lee responded to a query from the media on the issue by saying: “With respect to the incorrect playing of our national anthem, we take it very seriously since a national anthem symbolizes a country. It stands in for the populace. It stands for respect.

“Any responsible organization should behave in such a manner to guarantee that the national anthem is performed properly to respect each country’s national anthem, as well as its laws and citizens. I believe it to be a universal truth, and any business that bears any responsibility has a moral duty to uphold it.

“That is (our) pursuit, and we will keep looking at other options. Therefore, we will undoubtedly resend our letters to Google to investigate this issue.

“I also take notice of Google’s agreement, in accordance with a ruling by the European Court, to delete a person’s personal or private data. There are thus options. Whether a business behaves properly and acknowledges the significance of a hong kong national anthem in a global context is a question.

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