When Indian Scout Bobber Exhaust Means More Than Money

Indian Scout Bobber

When you add an Indian Scout Bobber Exhaust System, your motorcycle gets more than just a performance boost. These premium exhausts meet high manufacturing standards and are built to last, ensuring that you get years of powerful exhaust sound and improved engine performance from your bike.

The liquid cooled, 1133cc V-Twin in the Scout isn’t a traditional air-cooled cruiser pony; it’s a modern engine with a power curve that wouldn’t look out of place on a conventional chassis.

Bassani 2-into-1 Pipe

When the Indian Scout Bobber Exhaust Means More Than Money

The Scout is a tempting proposition for hard-nosed sport bike diehards, naked bike blasters and traditional air-cooled cruiser riders alike. It offers the kind of style that can take you from day to night in a flash.

A Bassani 2 into 1 Pipe is a great way to enhance your Indian Scout Bobber Exhaust | Radiant Cycles that boosts horsepower and an epic sound that people will be sure to notice. It features stepped head pipes that go from 1-3/4′′ to 1-7/8′′ and smoothly merge into a megaphone muffler.

Bassani uses mandrel-bent tubing because it delivers smooth bends that increase exhaust flow and deliver better performance than standard crush-bent tubing. Crush-bent tubing can flatten out or wrinkle at the bend, reducing its inner diameter and robbing performance.

Sharkroad 3′′ Torpedo Style Exhaust

The Sharkroad 3′′ Torpedo Style Exhaust is a great choice for a custom Indian Scout. It is significantly louder than the stock mufflers and offers a meaner sound at idle.

The muffler is made with stainless steel and has an all-brushed finish. It is also designed to be installed in a slip-on configuration so you can easily replace it if your bike needs to be upgraded.

It features a pair of louvered core baffles that are designed to keep the exhaust note clean and free from debris. They are available in both chrome and black finishes.

The muffler is a perfect option for any cafe racer, tracker or scrambler that is looking for a minimal yet effective design. The muffler is easy to install and offers a great acoustic experience.

Vance & Hines Stage 1 2-Into-1 Full Exhaust System

When you want to take your Indian Scout to the next level in both looks and performance, this Vance & Hines Stage 1 2-Into-1 Full Exhaust System is an excellent choice. It provides significant weight saving and a substantial power increase over the stock system.

This high performance 2-into-1 exhaust features a brushed stainless steel construction with carbon fiber end cap, frame cradle infills and heat shields. It is also supplied with new frame cradle flanges and a rear engine mounting kit to ensure a perfect fit on your Indian Scout.

This system is designed for performance, not appearance and is compatible with all other Stage 1 and 2 upgrades. It features a hand TIG welded stepped header that feeds into a larger volume merge collector that is rotated to enhance ground clearance for steep lean angles through turns.

Vance & Hines Slip-On Shorty Exhaust

When you want to transform your Indian Scout into a mean, custom machine that is a showstopper on the street, our Slip-On Shorty Exhaust is the way to go. Its sleek design and affordable price will make it a perfect addition to your bike.

Vance & Hines are best known for their exhaust systems for big twin cruisers, but they also have a great selection of high-performance parts and accessories for nearly every form of powersport. They are customer-focused and strive to push the envelope on design and technology, and they produce items that inspire motorcyclists around the world.

This is a slip-on muffler that can be fitted onto most stock headers without any modifications. However, if you plan on installing aftermarket headers or a fuel pak, then it will require you to fit a baffle.

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