9 Epic Ways To Prepare & Create Your Dreamy Forest Wedding Theme

Forest Wedding

For soon-to-be-wed couples planning an outdoor wedding, a forest theme is a perfect way to bring nature-inspired beauty and whimsy to the day. Getting married in a forest can be a magical and romantic experience, surrounded by nature and beautiful greenery. Whether planning a small, intimate ceremony or a large celebration, a forest wedding theme can add a unique and whimsical touch to your special day.

But how do you make your dream forest wedding come to life? Planning a wedding can be overwhelming, and getting lost in all the details is easy. Luckily, you are in the right spot when searching for some creative tips to help you add some extra enchantment to your special day. From unique floral arrangements to out-of-the-box decor ideas, the following lists will provide you with plenty of inspiration for making your forest wedding a dreamy reality:

1 Embrace the Natural Beauty of the Forest

The natural beauty of the forest is the perfect backdrop for a wedding, so embrace it! Decorate your ceremony and reception areas with beautiful flowers, garlands, and vines that complement the surroundings. Incorporate natural elements such as moss, leaves, and branches into your décor to create a harmonious and cohesive look.

2 Choose Rustic and Earthy Colors

A forest wedding theme embraces nature and beauty, so choose colours that complement the natural surroundings. Earthy tones such as greens, browns, and muted pinks are perfect for creating a rustic and romantic atmosphere.

3 Create a Unique Forest Aisle

Make your walk-down-the-aisle extra special by creating a unique and beautiful forest aisle. Line the path with flowers and greenery, or incorporate natural elements such as tree stumps or branches. On the lookout for trees that you can use? Then check trees for sale in Newmarket today! You could also add lanterns, candles, or fairy lights for a touch of romance and enchantment.

4 Decorate with Suspended Greenery

Add extra magic to your forest wedding by decorating with suspended greenery. Hang beautiful flower arrangements, garlands, and vines from trees or create a suspended aisle with greenery and flowers to lead the way.

5 Incorporate Woodland Creatures

Add a notion to your forest wedding by incorporating woodland creatures into your décor. Use woodland animal figurines as place card holders, cake toppers, or decorations on the tables. You could also have a live owl or other woodland creature at the ceremony for an extra special touch.

6 Offer Outdoor Activities

Encourage your guests to enjoy the forest by offering outdoor activities. Set up games such as croquet, horseshoes, or a photo booth with nature-themed props. Offer a guided nature walk or a campfire for roasting marshmallows for a fun and unique touch.

7 Use Wooden Accents

Add a rustic charm to your forest wedding using wooden accents in your décor. Use wooden signs, boxes, and platters for a natural and earthy feel. Incorporate wooden chargers, candle holders, or wooden wedding favours for a cohesive look.

8 Choose Nature-Inspired Invitations

Start your forest wedding off right with nature-inspired invitations. Choose earthy colours and incorporate images of trees, flowers, and woodland creatures. Use recycled or sustainable paper to reflect your love of nature and environmental commitment.

9 Serve Delicious Forest-Inspired Food and Drinks

End your forest wedding on a high note by serving delicious food and drinks inspired by the forest. For a fun and unique touch, offer a wood-fired pizza bar or a gourmet s’mores station. Serve seasonal and locally-sourced ingredients to reflect the forest environment and provide a delicious experience for your guests.

In conclusion, a forest wedding can be a beautiful and magical experience. By incorporating natural elements, earthy colours, and unique touches, you can create a dreamy and enchanting forest wedding theme that you and your guests will never forget. From decorating with suspended greenery and videography services to serving forest-inspired food and drinks, there are many ways to bring your forest wedding vision to life. Remember to embrace the natural beauty of the forest and allow it to be the focal point of your special day.

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