Christian Laettner Net Worth – How Rich is the Retired NBA Player?

Christian Laettner

Christian Laettner is a former professional basketball player who has a net worth of $20 million. He has earned his wealth through a successful basketball career and several business ventures.

He is most famous for his collegiate basketball career at Duke University where he won two national championships. This article will explore Christian Laettner’s career, net worth and answer some frequently asked questions.


Christian Laettner has amassed a significant fortune through his basketball career, business ventures, and media appearances. He has been named one of the greatest college basketball players of all time, and his impressive financial empire continues to grow.

During his collegiate career, he helped the Duke Blue Devils win back-to-back NCAA championships in 1991 and 1992. He also became famous for his game-winning shot against Kentucky in the 1992 tournament.

After graduating from college, he went on to compete in the NBA for 13 seasons with six different teams. His professional career ended in 2005, and he began pursuing business opportunities with his college buddy, Brian Davis.

Born on 17 August 1969, Christian Donald Laettner is an American of Polish ancestry. He grew up in Angola, New York and is the son of George Laettner (father) and Bonnie Laettner (mother). His father worked as a newspaper press plant printer, and his mother was a teacher.

Net Worth

Christian Laettner has amassed a significant amount of wealth in his career as a professional basketball player. His successful NBA career and a series of entrepreneurial endeavors have contributed to his net worth. Laettner also earns from endorsement deals and media appearances. Currently, he co-owns Blue Devil Ventures, a commercial development company that specializes in real estate projects. In addition, he has invested in restaurants and other business ventures.

During his time at Duke University, Laettner helped the team win four consecutive Final Fours and broke several NCAA Tournament records. He has also played in the National Basketball Association for 13 seasons, and is famous for his game-winning shot against Kentucky during the 1992 NCAA tournament.

After his playing career ended, he became involved in various business ventures and has held several prominent positions. He is the co-owner of Blue Devil Ventures, and purchased a Major League Soccer team with former teammate Brian Davis in 2007. Laettner also operates youth basketball training camps.


As one of the most successful college basketball players in history, Christian Laettner has earned a considerable amount of wealth over the years. He spent a total of 13 seasons in the NBA, which likely contributed to his current net worth. He also made significant earnings from various business ventures and endorsement deals.

The retired basketball player has a number of properties in his name, including a mansion in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida. In addition, he owns several cars, and has several investments in the sports world. He is currently co-owner of a Major League Soccer team, D.C United.

The former college star is married to Lisa Thibault, a professional non-profit organization manager. The pair have been together since 1996 and are parents to two children. Laettner is a well-known sports personality who is best known for his buzzer-beater shot against Kentucky in 1992. He has a large following on social media and is often seen at sporting events.


Christian Laettner is a retired basketball player who was considered one of the best college players in NCAA history. He played for the Duke Blue Devils from 1991 to 1992 and won two national championships with them. He also had a successful professional career in the NBA, where he won several awards and earned significant sums of money.

After retiring from the NBA, Laettner went into business, and his efforts have helped to bolster his wealth. He co-owns a community development company called Blue Devil Ventures, and he has also invested in various other businesses. He also has a number of endorsement deals and has made appearances on TV shows, which have helped to increase his income.

The former basketball player is married to Lisa Thibault, a professional nonprofit organization manager. The couple has three children: Tor, Sophie, and Summer. The family lives in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida. Laettner has been a philanthropist and has funded youth basketball training camps.

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