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Sewage Connection in the Emirates

Sewage Connection

Sewerage connection is a vital requirement for any city or town in the UAE. Without it, the residents of the city are expected to face many inconveniences such as foul smells, unsafe water and damp areas. With this in mind, there are many companies that have their presence in the city to take care of the sewage system of the area. These companies are specialized and have expert plumbers with them who are experienced in handling various forms of sewage. They also have the necessary equipment to do the job perfectly and to carry out maintenance and repairs perfectly.

Sewerage connection in the UAE has become a very big issue in the past few years. With the increase in population and development in almost all cities in the UAE, the sewage system faced a lot of issues. A lot of industries was growing in the area and with the drainage of waste water from these industries, there were major blockages in the sewage pipes of the city. The sewage affected the surroundings too by polluting the air and water with unwanted smell and giving off unwanted bacteria. This then resulted in the accumulation of bacteria and other microorganisms in the water table of the city. This further caused the pollution of the soil and the depletion of the groundwater.

The waste water had to be pumped into underground storage tanks for use and the sewage pipes had to be laid out to take this waste water. After some time, the waste water started to fill up the underground tanks which again started a whole series of problems. The pipes leached and dissolved the toxic materials that were contained in it. The water also contained harmful chemicals that the environment and human beings are exposed to. There was a great need for better ways of managing and handling waste water and the UAE Government finally responded by setting up various sewage treatment plants including the Dubai Advanced Sewerage and Waste Water Treatment & Research Centre (DEWRT).

Dubai is developing very quickly and the latest projects are under way in all the commercial sectors. The Dubai sewage treatment and research centre play an important role in the development of the city. It has a huge sewage treatment plant and it treats sewage from different industries in the region. As the demand for the clean and healthy sewage grew, the need for a better and more advanced sewage system developed in the region.

Dews is the name of the STP or the twinning tower sewage system of Dubai. This is the latest system invented for the Dubai sewage system. The system uses a single pipe for both the chemical process and the electrical one. The system uses about two hundred and sixty-three super high pressure raw materials in the processing stage. The process is very simple and the result is that it produces the most excellent and highly purified water and wastewater.

Another STP is the Al Hajar STP or the Al Hajar Water Treatment Plant. This is located in the sector of Dubai close to the Al Hajar Mountains. The waste water from the industries located here passes through the sewage system and is treated before it is sent out to various localities throughout the city. The waste water passes through the sewage treatment plant in three stages. The first stage is the screening stage in which all the unwanted particles are removed; the second stage is the disinfection stage where all the harmful bacteria are removed; and the last stage of treatment removes all the remaining waste materials.

There is also another sewage treatment plant called the Khokaar Wastewater Treatment Plant. The plant houses the most advanced sewage treatment technology and procedures. It can treat about 1.2 million liters of water daily. The sewage water is passed through the sewage treatment plant and then it is cleaned and then transported to the individual homes. The use of the waste water is non-dischargeable and hence the residents are allowed to drink freely from this water.

There are many other sewage systems that are found in the cities. These are connected with the waste water pipes and they are cleaned after passing through the sewage treatment plants. If you are looking for reliable and secure sewage connection then you need to look for the leading companies that deal in the supply of such services. It is important to know about the quality of the service as well as the cost before you select a company for the purpose.

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