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If you own carpeted stairs, you may want to consider investing in branded stair mats that are easy to clean and machine washable. Stair mats also have the added benefit of being safer than strippers on carpeted stairs. Read on for ways to clean your steps safely and effectively. Also, read our article on aluminum stairs. It will give you tips on how to keep your steps clean and free of debris.

Easy to clean and machine washable stair mats

Machine-washable and easy to clean stair mats are a great option if you want to keep them looking good. A mat with adhesive rubber backing will adhere well to your stairs and can be replaced easily without the need for extra adhesives or tape. These mats also make cleaning a breeze and can be machine-washed. They also feature stain resistant design and can be easily vacuumed.

One of the most popular brands of stair mats is Lefebvre Stair Treads, which come in eight by twenty-eight inches. Made of synthetic material that resembles sisal, these mats are very easy to clean. However, these mats should be used indoors. Machine-washable stair mats are not recommended for outside staircases. These mats can be removed from the stairs after use, and should be air-dried.

These mats come in various designs and colors. Many are made of durable and soft wool blends. These mats are designed to protect the floor and offer natural protection against dirt, stains, and moisture. They come in different sizes and colors, which you can choose from to find the perfect fit for your stairs. Some even come in different colors or cut to fit unusual stairs. A waffle texture makes it easy to grip while walking on them. If you are looking for the best Trappevask, then feel free to click here.

Another option for easy to clean and machine washable stair mat is a carpet runner. This mat is a great option for stairs that receive a lot of traffic. They can be machine-washed with cold water and dried on low. They come in many different shapes and sizes and have different qualities. These mats are made from rubber, which helps them adhere to wooden stairs. However, they do not directly adhere to the wooden stairs, so you may have to use double-sided tape to secure them to your stairs.

Benefits of branded carpeting for stairs

When shopping for carpeting for stairs, branded brands can offer several advantages. Branded carpets typically have better warranties than generic brands and higher functionality. You can find branded carpeting at major home improvement retailers. If you are on a tight budget, it may be better to wait for sales to find the best deal. However, branded carpeting for stairs is more expensive, so you should be careful to find a good value before settling for the cheapest option.

In addition to their better stain and fade resistance, solution-dyed nylon fibers can also be a better choice for stairs. Another important consideration is the construction of the carpet, which includes both loop and cut pile. Generally, tighter and denser carpets will last longer. For stairs, you will want a carpet that feels comfortable underfoot but is not too thick. Thankfully, there are many brands to choose from.

Low-pile carpets are easier to clean than high-pile carpets. Since stairs tend to have high foot traffic, the carpet is likely to collect dust and allergens. When buying carpet for stairs, you should choose a high-quality vacuum with powerful suction capabilities. Stains will be inevitable with carpeting, so choose a color that will stand up to daily wear. Lighter colors will show up stains, but darker ones will hide missteps and stains.


While branded carpeting is not necessarily the most expensive option, it does offer a variety of benefits. Depending on your budget and the look you are going for, you can choose a different color or pattern for each step. Stair runner carpets allow you to use different types of flooring throughout the middle path, making the stairs appear softer and more inviting. A stair runner can even be installed over wooden stairs.

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